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For users with less followers and fewer friends in SNS, they are quiet and have no alternative. When I awoke from cyber punk’s dream, the reality just arrived on the Internet.

Virtual reality is troublesome and I think that it will not spread to that extent. This is because the lives of modern PCs, tablets and smartphones are harmonized with the physicality of the mass layer.

Physicality may change without notice. We can not predict how modern people have no modesty, that we are themselves unpredictable. Approximate future prediction is an attempt to solve irreversible quizzes as to how much we keep chastity on technology.

I think that it will generalize as it is and only the part that internal technical and early adapters will follow will grow. It will become easy to use, but it will become more and more managed. And it is a fascinating hegemony that is coming up. And it is a false peace and a net fire like a farce play.

I restarted the router and the IP address changed. Then, Facebook recognizes that there was activity different from usual. Return my personal information, you are a malicious con artist.

Even though Facebook’s system is incomplete, you let the user pay the price. The CEO treats small users like criminals, despite receiving huge rewards. You made this disgusting hierarchy. Are not you ashamed?

Even though I have not made any inappropriate remarks on Facebook, Facebook relentlessly inspects me and censors me. I doubt that you have the intention to discriminate against fewer friends or Japanese people.

Maybe you feel me uncomfortable? Even if you deny me, I am mine. My dignity is kept. Anyway, I want you to restore the system that Facebook provides to me, and let me control my own personal information. Currently I can not withdraw from Facebook.

Facebook’s elitism, selectionism, these are very tedious to me. There is no legal basis for you to request ID from the user, its basis is Facebook’s elitism and selectionism. Your CEO said that Google is evil, but Facebook seems hundreds of times more evil.


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